Made on 8th Street - The Little Street That Could

The West 8th Street transition over recent years has been startling. It once again is one of the Village's most vibrant street's and folks are beginning to notice, not least the New York media who are writing about the block like never before. Recent coverage can be found at the base of this article.

There is one unusual but significant factor setting the block apart from many other homogeneous blocks in the city, that is most of the businesses are independently owned and operated. Bucking the trend, the street has entered its renaissance through eschewing chain stores, instead attracting vibrant, diverse businesses, from fashion and lifestyle to bars and restaurants. Owners are on the ground contributing to the very fabric of the street and neighborhood.

Because of this many of the small businesses on West 8th Street have forged close working relationships, leading to the succesful cross-promoting of each other and even helping to sell each others products. For example, you can buy a piece of vintage military surplus in Uncle Sam's (vintage outfitter to many celebrities) and then have it custom designed and painted by Storm Ritter at Graey Studio. Uncle Sam's also outfitted recent the recent restaurant arrival, Ancolie.

In many ways the block has rediscovered the creative roots it came symbolize at the height of the heady bohemian and beatnik days. That creativity remains as strong today with the block still being home to the New York Studio School and the iconic Electric Lady recording studios where U2 are currently recording. They still play regular host to the likes of Adele, Lana del Rey and Lady Gaga.

Recent high profile arrivals to the street include Dan Kluger’s Loring PlaceStorm Ritter at Graey StudioGoods for the StudyIl Bambino and See's Candies. These outfits join established West 8th businesses including Analogue, the 8th Street Wineceller and Neta, who all took a gamble, that one day, the block would find it's feet again.

Meanwhile the Village Alliance continues to spearhead place-making efforts on the street which include continuously enhancing the quality of life by providing additional sanitation, security and landscaping services. The Alliance also works closely with businesses and property owners to promote the street with marketing and event initiatives such as the Positively 8th Street Festival and Made on 8th Street Facebook page. 

Don't only take our word for the profound changes that are taking place on West 8th, see what the media are now saying about the block, then visit the block and see for yourself. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised. 

Recent West 8th Street Media Features - 

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Made on 8th Street - The Little Street That Could


  1. Paul Piccone
    Paul Piccone on 03/31/2017 2:22 p.m.

    I lived at 60 West 8th in the early 60s. Many happy memories!

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