Meet The Village: A Sustainable Village

Meet The Village: A Sustainable Village

In this week’s Meet The Village, we catch up with Em, the owner of A Sustainable Village at 50 University Place. Catch the full interview below!

What’s your name, and where do you work?

Hi, I’m Em I work at A Sustainable Village. I’m the shop owner here.

What does your business offer?

A Sustainable Village is a zero waste and refill store where you can come in when you run out of dish soap or hand soap or laundry detergent or skin care and you can refill those products in your own bottles, or one of our new bottles.

How long have you been in The Village?

On University Place, we opened in September 2023, so about seven months now.

Do you have a favorite Villager, living or dead?

So my favorite Villager. . . She actually lives somewhere around here. And she’s also one of my favorite customers. Bette Midler.

What about a fun fact? Personal or about your business.

A fun fact about me is. . . well, the other day when it was raining a lot, there were lots of worms that came out, and I love living in a city because I don’t like worms. I think of worms, they’re going to grow and they’re going to eat me. Earthworms. I know.

Do you have an Earth Day message for us?

So for Earth Day, I have a message for everyone. This is very easy to do. Very, very easy to do. Just bring your own coffee mug. Just that day. Just one. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. Just one coffee mug or one coffee cup. Do not use single-use. And if we all do it, eight million people…