Ghosts of the Merchant's House Museum

"Manhattan's Most Haunted House." - The New York Times

Complete with the family’s original furnishings and personal possessions, the house offers a rare and intimate glimpse of domestic life in New York City in the 19th Century. However, many guests have reported getting a more intimate experience than they bargained for. The Tredwell family, who occupied the house for over a century, might still be there. In particular, many have reported the appearance of Gertrude, the youngest Tredwell who remained in the house until her death, as well as cold spots, footsteps, and perhaps most eerie of all, piano recitals coming from pianos that no longer work. For enthusiasts, skeptics and anyone who wants to meet Gertrude from themselves, the Museum offers Candlelit Ghost Tours.

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Ghosts of the Merchant's House Museum


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