The Most Instagram-able Spots In Greenwich Village

As one of the most photogenic neighborhoods in NYC, Greenwich Village is full of Instagram-able spots.

With over 500,000 posts under the Instagram hashtag #greenwichvillage, our neighborhood has proven itself to be extremely Instagram-able. Join the thousands of fans and influencers celebrating Greenwich Village by adding your own photos to the hashtag! Read below for our curated list of the most picture perfect spots in the Village. 

Astor Place Cube

Astor Place wouldn’t be the same without The Cube! Stop by the plaza to take a few snaps outside this iconic sculpture, and maybe even give it a spin.  


Reiwatakiya’s pastel color palette makes this Japanese cosmetics store a necessary addition to our list of Instagram-able spots. Visit this St.Marks location to take photos of Reiwatakiya’s fun displays and add a pop of color to your Instagram feed! 

Jefferson Market Garden

For beautiful foliage, have your next photoshoot at the Jefferson Market Garden. Take a seat on one of the garden’s benches and start gramming! 

Olio e Piu

Olio e Piu is one of the most Instagram-able restaurants in Greenwich Village! Between styled dishes and beautiful floral arrangements surrounding the outdoor dining area, photos from your trip are sure to stand out.  

The Row

Simple but elegant, The Row provides a classical backdrop for any photo. Swing on by to use the street as the background for a photoshoot, or simply take in its iconic architecture. 

Search & Destroy

Thanks to Search & Destroy’s punk rock window display, this infamous thrift shop is a total Instagram-able location. Pose on the store’s stoop or step inside to get some grams of Search & Destroy’s unique and eccentric collection.