The 8th Street Experience: The Heartbeat of 8th Street

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the 8th Street merchants that make our neighborhood so special!

As part of The 8th Street Experience we’re honoring the small business owners that have made 8th street into the bustling block it is today. You can now visit our gallery located at 58 West 8th Street to check out a photo installation featuring the businesses that make up this neighborhood, and the owners & employees that keep their doors open day in and day out. Join us in raising a glass to our community’s leaders.

For information on each of the installation’s photos please see the captions below, broken up into rows going left to right.

Special thanks to Manhattan Sideways for providing the photos that make up our new favorite installation on 8th street.

Row A

  • La Paninieria (1 West 8th Street): La Panineria owner Mario Pesce shows off the restaurant’s gourmet meats to the camera
  • Shop Untitled (27 West 8th Street): The two owners of Shop Untitled, Gapu Suri and Kevin Kelly, stand in their store alongside mannequins displaying the shop’s designs
    • Photography by Tom Arena
  • 20/20 Eyewear (57 East 8th Street): 20/20 Eyewear’s owner Michael Toback lounges in the eyewear shop, surrounded by different models and photographs
    • Photography by Olga Makukh
  • Amelie (22 West 8th Street): A glimpse into the kitchen at Amelie on 8th street. 
    • Photography by Olga Makukh
  • Analogue (19 West 8th Street): An exterior shot of Analogue, with the restaurant’s logo painted on the window 
    • Photography: Jasphy Zheng

Row B

  • Shop Untitled (27 West 8th Street): Shop Untitled owner Gapu Suri stands back to back with a mannequin displaying one of the brand’s designs
  • Culture: An American Yogurt Company (60 West 8th Street): A cup of frozen yogurt topped with fresh berries from Culture: An American Yogurt Company
    • Photograph by Alex Nunez Caba
  • Stumptown (30 West 8th Street): A barista stands behind the counter at Stumptown Coffee Roasters.
    • Photography by Jasphy Zheng
  • Amelie (22 West 8th Street): Amelie’s owner Samie Didda sits behind the bar at this 8th street wine bar. 
    • Photography by Olfa Makukh
  • New York Studio School (8 West 8th Street): An artist stands in front of a black and white painting at the New York Studio School
    • Photography by Olga Mukukh

Row C

  • 8th Street Winecellar (28 West 8th Street): Jonny Cohen, co-owner of the 8th Street Winecellar drinks a glass of wine in front of a wall of bottles
  • Salon V (10 East 8th Street): The waiting room at Salon V sits empty as clients venture further into the salon for their appointments.
    • Photography by Olga Makukh
  • Arts & Crafts Beer Parlor (26 West 8th Street): Arts & Crafts Beer Parlor’s draft list and its corresponding draft system
    • Photography by Alex Nunez Caba
  • Some Good Wine (13 East 8th Street): Some Good Wine owner Jeremy Block works at a laptop within the shop, surrounded by different types of wine and liquor.
    • Photography by Olga Makukh
  • La Panineria (1 West 8th Street): A La Panineria employee stands in the shop
    • Photography by Jasphy Zheng

Row D

  • Goods For The Study (50 West 8th Street): Goods For The Study owner Sarah McNally leans on a glass counter in front of the store’s pen collection
  • MuMu Nail Spa (60 East 8th Street): Rows of nail polishes stretch down the walls at MuMu Nail Spa.
  • Loring Place (21 West 8th Street): A row of wine glasses sit behind a glass divider at Loring Place
    • Photography by Olga Makukh
  • Manhattan Art Gallery (7 East 8th Street): Manhattan Art Gallery’s owner stands behind the counter in front of wall of frame samples, framing a new piece for a client.
    • Photography by Olga Makukh
  • 305 Fitness (18 West 8th Street): An exterior shot of 305 Fitness, with the reflection of their “GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS” sign in the window.
    • Photography by Olga Makukh