Celebrate Lunar New Year in Greenwich Village

Happy Lunar New Year from Greenwich Village!

Lunar New Year marks the first full moon of the lunar calendar and on February 1st the New Year will officially commence! Traditional festive activities include grabbing a meal with friends and family, hanging photos of loved ones who have passed, and decking out your home in bright hues such as red and gold. Keep reading for a curated list of ways to celebrate Lunar New Year in our neighborhood.

Lunar New Year Events

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with your neighbors through events happening throughout the neighborhood.

  • Stephanie Chou: LianXi – Connection, A Lunar New Year Celebration
    • Stephanie Chou’s music combines classical and Chinese influences with Western jazz and pop to create an entirely original, unique musical world. This show will be a celebration of Lunar New Year/Year of the Tiger and our collective human re-connection as our experience evolves through the pandemic.


Have a meal at an Asian-owned eatery this Lunar New Year and treat yourself to dumplings, noodles, and more.

  • 886
    • While 886 may be far from traditional their menu offers authentic Taiwanese dishes and always has a line going out the door.
  • CheLi
    • Che Li specializes in centuries-old Shanghainese cooking! Head to CheLi in Saint Marks Place in the East Village to try some delicious assortment of pork and seafood dishes rarely found in New York City! 
  • Klong
    • Klong offers authentic Bangkok cuisine in the East Village. Inside you’ll see a labyrinth of waterfalls and a gold steel ribbon traveling the walls of the entire restaurant. Hear the sounds of lounge music, and smell delicious scents emanating from the kitchen. 
  • Shimiaodao
    • ShiMiaoDao Restaurant offers authentic and delicious tasting Chinese cuisine. Taste the tradition and start an extraordinary journey for your palate
  • Shu Han Ju
    • Experience a variety of authentic Chinese food in a comfortable atmosphere with friendly service at Shu Han Ju on Sixth Avenue.
  • South of the Clouds
    • South of the Clouds on West 8th Street features classic Yunnan Rice Noodle in a modern setting. Their carefully-curated menu serves only the most essential Yunnan dishes, each representing a unique taste of Youngness cuisine.
  • Szechuan Mountain House
    • Start the Year of the Tiger off right! Szechuan Mountain House is premier authentic Szechuan cuisine offering outstanding recipes to satisfy every inch of your palate. Head to Szechuan Mountain House at St. Marks Place to experience the pure heart of Szechuan cuisine and the journey to Chinese Tao culture.
  • The Bao
    • Home to some of the best dumplings in New York City, The Bao is sure to leave you full and happy.


Spread the wealth and happiness of the New Year by visiting Asian-owned businesses around Greenwich Village during the year of the tiger.

  • Reiwatakiya 
    • Experience Japanese skincare and more by stopping by Reiwatakiya.
  • Dainobu 
    • Pick up speciality and prepared foods from across Asia by getting your groceries at Dainobu.
  • Teso Life  
    • Pick up a new trinket or lifestyle product right from Japan by stopping by Teso Life!