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Small Business Saturday

Saturday 27th November is Small Business Saturday and the perfect chance to show your love for small local businesses! 

Now in it's seventh year Small Business Saturday recognizes and celebrates the important contribution that small local businesses make to fabric and diversity of their communities.  This years event takes place on Saturday 26th November as the holiday shopping season kicks off!

Make sure you "shop local" in the Village this Saturday 27th November, revisit those businnesses you've not seen in a while or discover recently opened new businnesses. Whether you're visiting some of the eclectic boutiques or Ramen Houses of St Marks Place like Search & Destroy or Kenka or the edgy fashion stores of West 8th Street such as Shop Untitled and Graey Studio  you'll be sure to discover the type of unique products that only small businesses are so talented at sourcing.

American Express created the Small Businness Saturday concept in 2010,  it has since become an annual event marking the start of the holiday shopping season. In 2011 the U.S. Senate passed a resolution officialy recognizing Small Businness Saturday.

For businnesses within our district interested in getting more information and supporting marketing materiels, click here.

If you're a resident or employee of one of the four Village zip codes your "Shop Local" experience can be even better when you use your Village Access Card to get exclusive deals and promotions!

Small Business Saturday


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