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The First Ever 'Tales from the Trail'

"When you know the story behind the Mosaic Poles, it might change your perspective and bring unexpected feelings to your experience with art…" 

This is the story of Marta, East Village resident, mother, & volunteer: 

"I didn't expect tears in my eyes when I went to the side yard of the 6th Street Community Center to meet Jim Power and ask about his art work. I was impressed and amazed by how hard this man and his assistant work in the hot sun with small pieces of tiles, stones, porcelain or shells to create something unique and beautiful.

A useless piece of someone's broken plate became a part of an incredible mosaic, what will be seen and touched by so many New Yorkers and tourists on the street. Jim was so friendly and open, he even let my 5 year old daughter Zofia be a part of this historical moment, and gave her a piece of tile with a bird on it to glue onto a pole…That was very touching for me."


The gorgeous poles of the Mosaic Trail touch the hearts of the East Village community in more ways tham we even realize. They bring meaning to the paths we take every day, honoring distinct moments in time and turning unique individual experiences into that of all New Yorkers. 

Please support the Mosaic Man and the East Village community as a whole using our crowd-funding page. The artists have a long way to go to reach the goal of completing the restoration project before the start of the Astor Place Opening Festival on September 15th... No donation is too small (or too large!) -

The First Ever 'Tales from the Trail'


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