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Village Alliance 2015 Community Survey Results

Between February 1 and March 15, 2015, the Village Alliance conducted a survey to assess our programs and their impact on the community. Thank you to everyone who was able to take the survey -- your responses have given us information and feedback that will help us better serve the neighborhood in the coming year.  And congratulations to local resident Barbara Good who was randomly selected to win a $100 gift card for completing the survey. 

Below is a summary of the results: 

We asked respondents to identify their affiliation with the Central Village: about 46% were visitors to the district, about 37% were residents of the district, and about 18% of respondents were property owners, business owners, or employees in the district.

Overall Performance of the Village Alliance
Village Alliance received overwhelming approval for our work in the past year with about 88% of respondents indicating the organization’s work has been “excellent” or “good.”

When asked about the most important issues facing the Village, small business retention/vacancies (about 70%) and neighborhood character (about 66%) were identified as top priorities. Overall respondents agree that the Village Alliance’s programs are addressing the issues facing the area. In particular 83% “strongly agree” or “agree” programs address cleanliness in the district and 75% “strongly agree” or “agree” programs address public safety.

Core Services
We asked respondents to gauge their general impression of cleanliness and public safety in the district. About 79% of respondents say their general impression of the sidewalk cleanliness and graffiti in the district is “excellent” or “good.” A strong assessment was also given for public safety, with about 80% of respondents indicating public safety in the district is either “excellent” or “good.”

Many respondents had some knowledge of the Village Alliance’s streetscaping and beautification efforts, however, many were unaware of the organization’s most recent changes to Ruth Wittenberg Triangle on 6th Avenue between W. 8th and W. 9th Street. Overwhelmingly respondents indicated that the changes on the Triangle have been good for the neighborhood, but about 65% said they would like to see more streetscaping done. In particular 8th street was identified as an area of opportunity to provide more streetscaping and beautification. 

We were glad to see that many respondents attended one or more of our events over the course of 2014, including our 3rd annual Positively 8th Street Festival in June. Many respondents, about 78%, also indicated that the Village Alliance's events have contributed to the District’s economy and sense of community.

Marketing and Communication
Almost 75% of respondents believe the Village Alliance is doing a "good" or "excellent" job with communication and marketing outreach to the community. Efforts can be taken, however, to improve communication and marketing. Just under 25% of respondents believe the Village Alliance can improve their marketing and communication through greater social media and e-mail communication.

Additional Feedback
People are drawn to and love Greenwich Village for a variety of reasons. Our respondents pointed to everything from a sense of community, to the history of the neighborhood, to diversity, character, and location. Many of these themes were echoed in response to our question asking people to describe the Village in three words. As the "word map" image below shows, the popular choices: historic, fun, and charming.

Again thank you for taking the time to complete our 2015 Community Survey and we look forward to hearing your feedback again next year. 

Village Alliance 2015 Community Survey Results


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