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NYC Launches "Small Business First" Initiative

On February 17th, the City of New York launched Small Business First to reduce the burden of regulation on small businesses and cut government red tape to make it easier for New York City small businesses to start, operate, and thrive.  With support from more than 15 City agencies, the Department of Small Business Services and the Mayor's Office of Operations developed Small Business First to make our regulatory system one that supports small businesses. The City worked closely with stakeholders, advocates, small business owners, neighborhood and community leaders, and elected officials, to solicit more than 600 unique comments and ideas detailing the specific needs of small businesses in communities across the five boroughs.

Based on what was heard, the City developed the 30 initiatives of Small Business First, which strives to: 
•  Improve the way information is provided to businesses through investments in technology, educational resources, and infrastructure
•  Change the way the City works with businesses by promoting an environment of resources as opposed to punitive enforcement
•  Simplify rules and processes to make the overall regulatory system less complex
•  Ensure that the system is accessible to all small businesses regardless of language ability or location.

Learn more about this new initiative at

NYC Launches "Small Business First" Initiative


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