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St. Marks Place: Still Famous Through the Years

St. Marks with its charming trees and character is one of the best known streets in the Village. As the City has changed so has the street. 

Starting as quaint farm land, owned by the famous Peter Stuyvesant in the 1600s, it went on to become an aristocratic haven with its beautiful row houses. By the 1850s the neighborhood saw a waving of German immigrants leading to the nickname Little Germany. Today, visitors can still see traces of this history as they walk down St. Marks and passed the Germany American Shooting Society building. Everything changed for the neighborhood when the Third Avenue El was torn down in 1955, removing a long standing barrier to the neighborhood. With the barrier gone and the free spirit-free love movement underway, St. Marks establishments filled with Beatniks and Hippies. 

St. Marks has always been special, but its ability to withstand economic downturn has made it iconic. Even when the rest of the area saw decline, the unique retail and restaurants on St. Mark have helped it to survive. 

For more information on the history of St. Marks you can check out this Curbed article

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St. Marks Place: Still Famous Through the Years


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