8th Street

#Trending in the Village

The neighborhood is in full swing as Spring ramps up and exciting new businesses come to the Village. From grilled cheese to fine cocktails, the Village -and esxpecially West 8th Street- is seeing great new places opening up. Haven’t been able to keep abreast of the headlines? We’ve got your roundup right here:

Crain’s featured 5 oz. Factory, the new dairy dudes opening up on W. 8th Street. Check out out their crazy selection of melts, grilled cheese and frozen custard. 

Joonbug reports on West 8th Street’s resurgence in chic spots including Greenwich Project and Pink Elephant

As Thrillist reports “One half of Outkast” ate and (looks like partied too) at Sticky’s Finger Joint. In other words, Big Boi was there. 

Village restaurant Blue Hill also swept the James Beard Awards!

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#Trending in the Village


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