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You'll Scream for the Perfect Halloween Costume

The weather has turned and October has arrived: It’s time to starting brainstorming Halloween costume ideas. Whether you need an outrageous get-up for the parade or a clever costume for your friend’s awesome Halloween party, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for in Greenwich Village.

Here are some starting points:

Andy’s Chee Pees (18 W. 8th St.) This vintage clothing store should be your go-to place for any costumes involving the 70s, 80s, 90s, and concert tees.

Goodwill(44 W. 8th St.) Peruse what local residents have donated to this charitably natured consignment chain. You’ll find both costume staples and flamboyant accessories- and cheaply too.

Uncle Sam’s Army Navy Outfitters(37 W. 8th St.) Everyone looks better in a uniform, so why not have an armed forces-themed costume?

Village Party Store(13 E. 8th St.) Standard packaged costumes, make up, decorations, and the like can all be found at this Village party supplies mecca.

Monk Thrift Store(175 MacDougal St.)Looking for a period piece? You’ll find articles of clothing here from a couple decades.

Trash & Vaudeville(4 St. Marks Pl.) You’ll find anything you need for all punk and rock and roll related outfits.

Ricky’s NYC at 466 6th Ave. and Ricky’s NYC at 44 E. 8th St. will supply any hair and make-up fixes your bombshell costume may require.

Search and Destroy(25 St. Marks Pl.) There are more vintage costume finds to be had here.

And be sure to check our blog again for more information on NYC’s 39th Annual Village Halloween Parade. Happy costume hunting!

You'll Scream for the Perfect Halloween Costume


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