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#Trending in the Village

All you media hounds may have noticed: the Village has been making some headlines lately. Local businesses, people, and events have been popping up online. Here’s the round-up:

Sticky’s Finger Joint, our go-to place for delicious chicken fingers was just the subject of an episode of 3 Days to Open with celebrity chef Bobby Flay on the Food Network. Watch one of 8thStreet’s brand new businesses get ready to serve the masses in the video below...

When walking around Astor Place and St. Marks you’ll find some of the lampposts and streetscape have some definite personality to them. Visitors and resident have the “Mosaic Man” Jim Power to thank for the stone and mirror clad street furniture. Read more on Gothamist’s new post and learn the meaning behind his art.

#Trending in the Village


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