The Astor Place Cube Returns, Restored and Revolving

In a much-anticipated moment, the Astor Place Cube, officially known as “Alamo (Cube),” reappeared at Astor Place on July 18, 2023. Having ceased its iconic spins in 2021, the cube underwent extensive restoration to regain its playful charm. Transported by a crane to Manhattan after a successful art fair exhibit, the cube now balances gracefully on a new weatherproof spinning mechanism, expected to keep it rotating for two more decades.

For over half a century, the cube has been a beloved fixture, captivating generations of New Yorkers and tourists with its interactive artistry. However, concerns about stability and its noticeable lean led to its temporary removal in May 2023. Now, after a comprehensive refurbishment, the cube returns to delight visitors once more, epitomizing the vibrant spirit of the city.

Tony Rosenthal, the artist behind the sculpture, never envisioned its lasting popularity. Yet, the cube’s joyful rotation became an integral part of the New York experience, inviting everyone to partake in its mesmerizing dance of steel and spirit. As the sun rose over the city on that momentous Tuesday morning, the restored “Alamo (Cube)” stood tall, ready to create new memories and be part of the quintessential New York experience once again.