Pelicana Chicken

The Venue

In early 2014, Julie and Yunsoo brought over the Pelicana franchise into the United States for two reasons. They wanted to bring back the taste of Korea’s unique chicken flavors over to the Koreans residing in the U.S. Koreans who emigrated to the United States have long missed and desired the flavors of Pelicana, especially the signature “yang-nyum chicken”(chicken with marinated sauce, which Pelicana originated).

Secondly, Julie and Yunsoo wanted to introduce the variety of distinctive and delicious flavors of Pelicana to the diverse cultures and ethnicities that reside in the U.S., since most are familiar with only two types of Korean-style chicken flavors: the soy garlic and spicy soy garlic. With the creation of new flavors and ideas added to the brand, it is Julie and Yunsoo’s desire to bring forth and introduce all that KFC (Korean fried chicken) has to offer!

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