48 West 8th Street

The Venue

Frevo is a new and unique cultural and dining experience created by Franco Sampogna (previously with Alain Ducasse & Guy Savoy) and Bernardo Silva.

Frevo, tucked away behind an art gallery showcasing pieces by French Painter, Toma-L, comprises just 24 seats aligning an intimate counter where the guests dining experience includes watching highly-skilled chefs create a unique five-course $124 menu.

The emphasis is simplicity and seasonality culminating in a modern and unique take on contemporary French cuisine. The name, Frevo is derived from the Portuguese word ”ferver”, which means “to boil”, a nod to the cooking term that also pays tribute to the unique boiling atmosphere of New York City.

Hours: Tuesday 7-11pm | Wed-Sat 6-11pm

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