Blue Bottle Coffee

(510) 661-3510
101 University Place

The Venue

For more than a hundred years, artists from O. Henry to Gus Van Sant have described Greenwich Village as a place of escape. Though Blue Bottle Coffee hasn’t been around for nearly as long (at least, not yet), they’ve always thought of their cafes in the same way: as refuges for everyone from local commuters to far-flung tourists; from students and artists to families and friends.

Luckily for their guests, it’s possible to bring a piece of that escape back with them to the real world. Whether you’re popping in for your morning cup before work or have more leisurely plans in mind, their selection of single origin, blend, and espresso coffees (as well as their culinary offerings) are your reminders that “quaint old Greenwich Village,” as Henry called it, is always waiting to welcome you.

Location, Location, Location