On Set In Washington Square Park

Step into your favorite movies and tv shows just by visiting Washington Square Park.

Over the years Washington Square Park has been a favorite among showrunners and filmmakers as a set location. Everything from Marvel to Marvelous Mrs.Maisel has filmed in this famous park in front of the iconic arch. Keep reading for a list of scenes filmed in Washington Square Park!

Avengers: Infinity War

In Avengers: Infinity War the Incredible Hulk can be seen being thrown about Washington Square Park while Spider-Man swings from the arch to take down alien villains.


When the kids of Glee first get to New York City, where do they go to jam out? Washington Square Park of course!


A recent addition to this list, the Disney+ show Hawkeye recently filmed a few key scenes in Washington Square Park, where Kate Bishop and Clint Barton walk their dog Lucky and talk about their next moves.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is such an iconic New York show, they could never miss out on the opportunity to film a scene in Washington Square Park! In the first season Midge runs into one of Jane Jacob’s rallies in the park to stop a highway from being built through the area.

Across the Universe

Set in the 60s, Across the Universe explores the bohemian life in Greenwich Village through the music of The Beatles. In one scene, an anti-war protest takes the cast through Washington Square Park.

Modern Love

In season one of the Emmy-nominated show Modern Love, Joshua (played by Dev Patel) sits down with a journalist as he talks about the one that got away.

Inside Llewyn Davis

In the 2013 film Inside Llewyn Davis, main characters Llewyn (played by Oscar Issac) and Jean (played by Carey Mulligan), argue about the state and circumstances of their relationship in Washington Square Park.

Dash & Lily

Everybody loves Washington Square Park in the winter, so of course the Netflix Christmas series Dash & Lily filmed in the park! In the scene pictured below Lily brings her caroling group to the fountain to spread holiday cheer.

Barefoot In The Park

This list wouldn’t be complete without Barefoot in the Park! Did you know that the “park” referred to in the title is actually Washington Square Park? By the end of the movie Robert Redford is dancing barefoot down the park’s different stone paths.

Katy Keene

A spin-off of the Riverdale series, Katy Keene follows several of the same characters as they make their way through NYC. Of course, their adventures take them to Washington Square Park!


In the Netflix limited series Maniac, a story about two strangers who meet during an experimental pharmaceutical trial, Emma Stone’s character sits down in Washington Square Park where she plays chess with an imagined koala.

Ghostbusters II

In Ghostbusters II the ghouls come to Washington Square Park! Luckily the Ghostbusters are around to keep our park monster free.