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Greenwich Village

A little bit of history

Greenwich Village is one of the most historic neighborhoods of New York City, the cityโ€™s original refuge for artists, peasants and painters. 

Here is where Jimi Hendrix built the Electric Lady Sound Studios; where Barbra Streisand debuted at the Bon Soir; where Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney founded the original Whitney Museum and where Andy Warhol and Lou Reed created the citadel of Hippiedom at the Electric Circus on St. Marks Place. Welcome to a friendly, safe and inviting neighborhood that awaits you with a huge variety of shops, restaurants, quaint alleyways and a celebrated culture of diversity.

Greenwich Village today

Today, the neighborhood is true to itsโ€™ Bohemian roots and is comprised of residential and commercial properties that are linked together in true neighborhood fashion.ย  The Village is where small, owner-operated shops outnumber national chain stores and 19th Century brownstones and tenements stand next to pre- and post-war apartment buildings, lending a small village atmosphere to the otherwise urban environment.

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