Ganymede with Jupiter’s Eagle

Ganymede with Jupiter’s Eagle is now on display at Ruth Wittenberg Triangle

Ganymede with
Jupiter’s Eagle

On September 1, Adam Parker Smith’s Ganymede with Jupiter’s Eagle was put on display in Ruth Wittenberg Triangle in collaboration with The Armory Show and The Hole Gallery. The sculpture is carved from a single piece of Carrara marble and depicts a modern take on Hellenic sculptures compressed into a compact cube. To achieve the design, Artist Adam Parker Smith worked with a team of master carvers, a seven-axis reductive robot, and digital research teams from several museums. The design was made into a 3D model before carving the final piece. The final design draws a through-line to Smith’s antic homage – Apollo of Belvedere, Bernini’s David, and other historic sculptures. 

Ganymede with Jupiter’s Eagle is on display at Ruth Wittenberg Triangle on Greenwich Street and Sixth Avenue from September – January. Presented in partnership with the Village Alliance and Department of Transportation