Workers Writers School

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Washington Square Park

“Essential Workers” or “Frontline Workers” are terms that became part of our common language during the COVID-19 pandemic. Join members of New York City’s frontline worker centers—Domestic Workers United, New York Taxi Workers Alliance, Street Vendor Project, and other organizations—as they read from their new anthology, Coronavirus Haiku (Kenning Editions, 2021). Written during Zoom workshops with writer and organizer Mark Nowak, and co-sponsored by PEN America, worker-poets closely studied a radical haiku tradition—Japanese-American internment camp haiku, Amiri Baraka’s “low coup,” haiku from the workshops at Attica prison after the 1971 rebellion, and more. This will be an afternoon to celebrate the rich language and the growing solidarity of New York City’s essential working class.

Presented with the Worker Writers School.

Tickets: Free

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