Translation Slam

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

AIA Center for Architecture

The Translation Slam puts different translations of the same text side by side and invites the translators, authors, and audience members to join in a lively critical debate of how each version meets its creative challenges. New texts, previously untranslated into English will be provided by authors Kevin Chen (Ghost Town) and Maria Fernanda Ampuero (Human Sacrifices). Translating Ampuero’s work from Spanish will be Samantha Schnee and D.P. Snyder. Translating Chen’s work from Chinese are Stacy Mosher and Lin King. Translations of both Chen and Ampuero’s texts will also be provided by ChatGPT. Translations will vie for audience approval and the event will end with a brief Q&A. Hosting the Slam will be PEN America Translation Committee Co-Chair, Annelise Finegan.

Tickets: Free

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