THEMES AND DREAMS: Joan Hall Retrospective at Westbeth Gallery

3/14/2023 – 3/24/2023
1:00 PM – 6:00 PM

The Venue

Date: March 4th to 24th; Opening Reception onSaturday, March 4, 6-8 pm
Location: Westbeth Gallery

Themes and Dreams, a retrospective of collage and assemblage illustration by New York-based artist Joan Hall, will be on view at the Westbeth Gallery from March 4-24, 2023. Self-curated with input from independent curator Lilly Wei, the exhibition will feature seven distinct bodies of work that explore modernist strategies of fragmentation and re-composition. Produced over a 50-year career, the 100 pieces in the exhibition will be exhibited together for the first time charting the depth and breadth of Hall’s varied interests and talent.
Since 1970, Joan Hall has been using collage and assemblage to explore different cultures, times and places. She creates imaginary spaces and newly arranged realities that have dreamlike qualities infused with humor and irony. Her assemblages tell stories by giving found objects new meanings resulting from unexpected juxtapositions and placements.

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