Practicing the Environment: Brujas Theory

6:00 PM – 7:15 PM

The Venue

Date: March 28th at 6pm
Location: Virtual

In Arianna Gil’s practice, a gallery becomes a training facility, a residency becomes a mutual aid hub, and a skateboarding brand becomes a labor union for cultural producers, offering health insurance membership cards and cash for tricks. Most recently, WORLD SHINE was a collaboration with a neighborhood acupuncture clinic to promote wellbeing in a culture that charges urban youth for access to their own value. Their theory of deathstyle explains how sex, death, and grief are sacred material that exceed the feedback loop of lifestyle marketing. In this talk, moderators from The New School will discuss past and future projects, engage with Brujas World Syndicate curriculum, and think together about what it could mean to reclaim the outdoors in New York City in the current pandemic.

This event is part of PRACTICING THE ENVIRONMENT, a virtual, public-facing event series with artists, curators, activists, and scholars across the world who explore and engage in various aspects of environmental concern. This series reconsiders the supposed distinction between humans and nature; it is a distinction that has impacted notions of cultivation and place, as well as our relationships with plants and with each other. Focusing on visual arts and performance-based projects that engage notions of environment, these events consider the ecological implications of the materials that we work with, as well as the environmental frameworks and atmospheres that we work within.

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