Meeting the Man: James Baldwin in Paris

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

The Venue

Location: Virtual
Date: February 3rd at 3pm

This webinar, which is Part II of a three-part film series at The New School, Racial Violence and Colonial Accountabilities, is devoted to James Baldwin, one the most prolific, searing witnesses to what the Black experience is and has been under the dominance of racism in the history of the making of the United States, and its proliferation and amplification in the twentieth century.

This event will be introduced by Prof. Ann Laura Stoler, followed by a showing of the film “Meeting the Man: James Baldwin in Paris”- an extraordinary brief film in which Baldwin confronts the filmmakers with the white fantasy they are constructing, missing why Baldwin went to Paris, and what it is to live with racism always on your back. The screening will be followed by commentary from leading Baldwin scholars.

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