Make Music New York Winter Solstice

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

The Venue

Location: Astor Place
Date: December 21st at 6:30pm

Have a musical winter with Make Music New York!

Kick off a lively rocking night of Afro Latin and Afro Brazilian Rhythms with an outdoors street jam that gathers 6:30pm at Astor Place Plaza and then parades through the East Village to the legendary Drom nightclub on Avenue A, where the party will continue into the night.  Featuring Afro Brazilian Samba Reggae with Mambembé Music, Afro Cuban rumba with Kikiriki Biquey and salsa and timba dance grooves from People of Earth.

When the first performance is done, follow it up with HONK NYC! HONK NYC’s fourth annual Winter Solstice procession is a collective release through music and dance after two years of COVID-19. A cathartic parade through downtown Manhattan, Radiant Revelry ’21 celebrates the lives of those who were lost with a diverse group of artists united to transform a time of darkness into a time of revitalization and hope.

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