Lennart Anderson: A Retrospective

The Venue

Location: New York Studio School

Date: October 18th to November 28th

Lennart Anderson: A Retrospective opens at the New York Studio School (NYSS) October 18, and will be on view until November 28, 2021. Lennart Anderson (1928-2015) was an American painter renowned for his mastery of tone, color and composition, place of high regard within the artistic community, and teaching career that deeply influenced future generations of painters. The first major survey of the esteemed artist’s work since his death, this exhibition features over thirty paintings spanning a period of over six decades.

Curated by Graham Nickson and Rachel Rickert in collaboration with the artist’s estate, the exhibition features works from both public and private collections as well as Anderson’s gallery, Leigh Morse Fine Arts. Ranging from figurative works like Mrs. Suzy Peterson (1959) to the unfinished painting Three Nymphs on a Bluff left on his easel in 2015, the exhibition brings together a variety of genres, such as the human form, still life, portrait, landscape, and streetscape. Viewed together, the works attest to Anderson’s lifelong interest in the interplay of tone, color, and light. 

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