How To Set Yourself Up For Freelance Success in 2022 

The Venue

Location: Online

Date: November 16th at 9am

2020-21 has been described as the “Great Resignation” as more and more people quit their job to start freelancing and consider it for a long-term career. 60% of new freelancers say no amount of money would make them go back to a traditional job. And 86% of freelancers think the best days of freelancing are ahead. So, let’s end the year on this hopeful note and set you up for success in 2022. (And finish ’21 strong)

This presentation will tackle the top financial concerns that every freelancer has. From taxes to budgeting, from savings to pricing yourself. Plus, share with you, valuable strategies to get paid quickly and provide you with actionable tactics to enable you to smoothly launch and or build your freelance/side-hustle businesses. 

Wherever you fit into the freelancing landscape, we hope this webinar will give you answers to the questions we know you’re asking yourself and help you find your space and financial freedom today and, in the year, ahead.

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