Finbarr Barry Flood, “When Is A Palimpsest?”

7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

The Venue

Date: April 12th at 7pm
Location: Cooper Union

From archeological contexts to urban studies, the idea of the palimpsest is often invoked to denote the layered quality of certain artifacts and spaces. Whether deployed as a metaphor or to denote a physical quality, the idea of the palimpsest relates the materiality of mark-making to the more abstract realm of temporality. The palimpsest is heterochronous, marked by the co-existent traces of two or more moments. In its materiality and temporality, the palimpsest shares aspects of the assemblage. But it also often implies an over-writing or re-writing in which practices and strategies of negation or co-option are inseparable from the articulation of power. Finbarr Barry Flood’s talk as part of the Spring 2022 Intra-Disciplinary Seminar series will consider questions of temporality and visibility raised by a range of palimpsest objects, and their potential implications for current debates about the legacy of ethically or politically problematic monuments.

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