Exploring the World of Giffard: A Walk Around Tasting

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Some Good Wine

From Some Good Wine:

One of our favorite products in the store and most unique offerings; Giffard is truly one of a kind.  Each bottle represents the best possible ingredients sourced: vanilla from Madagascar, pineapple from the Caribbean,  grapefruits from Morocco, Taiwanese lychees, and more. French based, they are the Willy Wonka of the spirit world with their dedication to perfect ingredients. As a result, Giffard is used as a mixing liqueur in many of the top cocktail bars both in New York and elsewhere.

For this evening, we will have 4 different tables each featuring a few different cocktails centered around Giffard with about 12-15 different cocktails poured.  Should be beyond amazing!

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