Difficult Love (What Scatters and Comes Back Together)


NYU Tisch School of Arts

Location: NYU's Gallatin Galleries @ 1 Washington Place, New York NY 10003

Date and Time: Thursday, February 6th - Friday, February 28th from 10am to 7pm


Exhibition by Alex Callender

The works in Alex Callender's Difficult Love (What Scatters and Comes Back Together) explore a fictional Atlantic history, performed in scenes by women channeled from colonial paintings and archives. The exhibition considers how identities are formed in love and in resistance to the brutality of colonial world-making. In this body of work, the artist reimagines the lives of women who haunt the speculative landscapes of colonial Caribbean images, women who are often viewed as some extension of an exotic landscape and formed through the European imagination of race, gender, and buying power. Weaving together written and material histories during the era of early Atlantic capitalism, Callender reimagines these women’s relationship to self, collective identities, power, and the (in)visible Black labor, embodied in colonial imagery, and how it relates to our present. Remixing the landscapes and subjectivities of colonial archives, she asks viewers to consider how economic narratives are masked to present hegemonic myths about who belongs and who does not in Western canonical imagery.

Opening Reception: February 5th at 5 pm

This event is presented as a part of Gallatin’s 2020 Black History Month programming.  

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