Confronting Carbon Form

3/21/2023 – 4/16/2023
6:30 PM – 7:00 PM

The Venue

Date: March 21st to April 16th
Location: The Cooper Union

This exhibition is dedicated to the study of carbon form. Central to this work is the premise that the spatial building blocks of an extractive economy remain unchallenged, despite permutations in architectural discourse over the past two centuries, and despite advancements in building technology. The proliferation of carbon form continues unabated, revealing that at the core of the climate crisis, there is a spatial problem. 
Confronting Carbon Form repositions architecture’s relationship to energy within a spatial and formal discourse, arguing that alternatives will remain unlikely until we better understand the nature of carbon form and how it came into being. Featuring original works by Elisa Iturbe, Stanley Cho, and Alican Taylan, the exhibition looks to history and precedent to confront the urban archetypes, building typologies, and spatial concepts that must now be supplanted and transformed, an undertaking that is just as important for understanding architecture’s complicity in the climate crisis as it is for locating fruitful terrain for climate action. 

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