Book Launch Celebration for Five Poets

3:00 PM – 4:45 PM

The Venue

Book lovers are invited to join the Jefferson Market Library for a special event celebrating the publication of five remarkable poetry collections. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet the featured poets and celebrate their works, including Martine Bellen’s “An Anatomy of Curiosity” (MadHat Press), Ruth Danon’s “Turn Up the Heat” (Nirala), Jordan Davis’s chapbook “Noise” (above/ground press), Caroline Hagood’s “Filthy Creation” (Madhat Press), and Jerome Sala’s “How Much? New and Selected Poems” (NYQ Books). Refreshments will be served, and copies of the authors’ books will be available for purchase.

Each poet brings a unique voice and perspective to the literary world. Martine Bellen, renowned for her previous works, presents her latest collection, “An Anatomy of Curiosity,” which has already received acclaim and will be featured in the anthology “Best American Poetry, 2023.” Ruth Danon, an accomplished poet, introduces her fourth book, “Turn Up the Heat,” published by Nirala Series. Jordan Davis, former poetry editor of The Nation, captivates readers with his diverse body of work, including the forthcoming collection “Yeah, No” from MadHat Press. Caroline Hagood, a talented writer and professor, will share her novel “Filthy Creation,” set to be released in May 2023. Lastly, Jerome Sala, known for his thought-provoking poetry, presents “How Much? New and Selected Poems,” showcasing his unique perspective on poetry, pop culture, and everyday life.

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