The Cooper Union Presents: William Cordova

7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

The Venue

Date: March 22nd at 7pm
Location: Virtual

William Cordova (b. 1969, Lima, Peru) gives a free, online lecture as part of The Cooper Union‘s Spring 2022 Intra-Disciplinary Seminar series. Cordova is interested in the ephemeral visuality of transition and displacement, how objects and perception change and adapt within time and space. Moving from his hometown of Lima to Miami at an early age, and briefly living in Houston, Chicago, and New York City, Cordova integrates the cultural nuances and histories from these environments within his work. Afro-Peruvian cosmology, Andean architecture, and metaphysics deeply influence Cordova’s work, intersecting and merging with contemporary visual languages. Utilizing a variety of materials, including found and discarded objects, feathers, collage, and other reclaimed detritus, Cordova’s multimedia practice weaves coded statements on contemporary social systems and economies within the personal history of objects, challenging the functionality of art as a purely aesthetic pursuit. 

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