self guided tour

Writers’ Work, Writers’ Lives

Tap into 200 years of American Literature in person with this walking tour.

Writers flocked to New York even before the turn of the century. Literary giants like Mark Twain, Louisa May Alcott, and Edgar Allan Poe all spent some time in New York, especially in the Village. They came for inspiration, adventure, and opportunity, often weaving their experiences here into their stories.

Head out the narrowest house in the Village where Pulitzer Prize winner Edna St.Vincent Millay lived. Before exploring the tucked away Patchin Place, home of poet and essayist e.e. cummings. Snake your way south and east as you veer into some of the hidden corners and parks where some of the country’s great authors lived and worked. You’ll wander by a garden that inspired a novel and the home of famed American author Mark Twain. Once you’ve made it to the end on MacDougal Street, you’ll have wandered through over 200 years of American literature.

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