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    If you are wondering about the long line on Cooper Square near Astor Plaza, they are all waiting to try the latest bubble tea luxury from Taiwan.  Also expanding their global presence in Paris, Berlin, and Australia, The Alley has decided to open their first New York location right in our district.  Apart from the traditional boba shops, The Alley is changing the landscape of bubble tea through their selection of real ingredients that are carefully chosen by their kitchen team and their mastered production of tapioca pearls. Rather than using syrup, The Alley uses real brown sugar imported straight from Taiwan; and their tapioca pearls are cooked through a two-hour daily process. Another winning factor of The Alley is their large cafe seating area. As typical boba shops have limited to no-seating options, The Alley offers free Wi-Fi in a space where all can comfortably stay, relax, study, and enjoy in the pleasures of their well-crafted bubble tea drinks. Try their most popular Brown Sugar Deerioca Creme Brulee Milk drink, and other favorites like their Peach Ooolong Tea and Snow Velvet Earl Grey Tea.

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