William Bailey: Drawings, Curated by the Artist


New York Studio School

Date: Exhibit open Monday, March 9th to Sunday, April 12th from 10am-6pm daily

Location: New York Studio School @ 8 West 8th Street

The New York Studio School presents William Bailey: Drawings, curated by the Artist, March 9- April 12, 2020, with an Opening Reception Thursday, March 12, 6-8pm. This collection of drawings spanning over five decades shows the evolution of Bailey’s distinctive style, across pencil, ink, charcoal, conte, silverpoint, and pastel on paper. The drawings reveal the artist’s hand and thought process. Bailey’s figure drawings are started with a model in the studio but quite often completed well after the model has departed; while his still-life drawings are done with no set-up, from the imagination, and willed into existence through Bailey’s slow, thoughtful touch.

Bailey proves that representation and imagination are not in fact opposites, so when they come together, a magic stillness takes over. In the mature work, place and time fall away as concerns, and instead we confront the profound introspection, whether humans or vessels. 

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