Virtual Drawing Marathon – with Graham Nickson & Guests



Location: Vitrual

Dates: January 19, 2021 - January 29, 2021, 9am - 6pm

This course will investigate many implications of drawing as a physical and cerebral activity as well as drawing as a philosophy.  We will discuss key issues, including those of scale—tiny to huge; the use of different formats; the use of the rectangle; the vertical axis and its significance; the nature of distortions; the compression of space and depth; the search for ‘form’ and its consequences; space and its meaning, functions and the different kinds of space; and the nature of relational drawing.

We will approach the meaning of images, investigating what contributes to a “powerful image”.  We will discuss “pictorial” subject versus narrative subject: the diversities of structure, especially using strategies like the grid, the organic spiral and geometry, all of which play a part in research into the language of drawing.

Each day produces an intense working mode, utilizing the vitality of each individual’s purpose.  Students work very hard and are offered individual criticism on a one to one basis.  The average day usually contains several group critiques and a lengthy final critique at the end of the physical drawing session, and is intensified for the last critique at the end of the course.  The dialogue and discussions within the group are expected to be clear and succinct.  The students are encouraged to participate and understand the visual language of drawing.

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