STREET THEATER 2019, "No Brainer or the Solution to Parasites."


Theater for the New City

Crystal Field, Executive Artistic Director, Presents:

Theater for the New City’s 43rd Street Theater Tour 

“No Brainer or the Solution to Parasites.”

A rip-roaring musical which portrays our road to national madness as a bad trip to Hades. Free performances will tour parks, playgrounds and closed-off streets throughout the five boroughs through September 15. Book, Lyrics, and direction are by Crystal Field; the musical score is composed and arranged by Joseph Vernon Banks.

A Social Service Provider (working for the NYC Department of Social Services) is not interested in politics at all. He is fighting valiantly in the natural world to protect families facing eviction, children in temporary housing and immigrants struggling for citizenship. But the mythic world, headed by Mr. Pluto, is set on edge because a raging, somewhat drunk real estate magnate from a TV reality show has invaded its sacred sanctuary in Hades. There he has drunk deeply from the cauldron of woes–a vessel where the underworld gods cleanse a nation’s soul by boiling out its historically tragic mis-steps, including those of genocide, slavery, and war. Ravenous for notoriety, he slurps down the steamy stew, gobbling down all the horrors and recklessness to which our time is the heir. The bubbling brew, extracted from the garbage of history, is full of parasites, which infect his brain and direct the would-be dictator/strongman toward the highest office in the land.

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