Roger Tibbetts: Recto/Verso


New York Studio School

Exhibition Dates: Monday, January 27th - Sunday, March 1st

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 30th @ 6PM to 8PM

Location: New York Studio School @ 8 West 8th Street, New York NY 10011

The New York Studio School presents recent works by Roger Tibbetts in Recto/Verso, January 27 – March 1, 2020, with an Opening Reception Thursday, January 30, 6-8pm. The paintings of Roger Tibbetts at first insist a poetic, hard edge finality, but closer inspection reveals their weathered, shifting surfaces; geometric painting that survived battle.

The worked acrylic surfaces present silky, meditative fields, punctuated by moments where Tibbetts snaps us back to the reality of the making; with constellations of drawn lines, dots, and physical holes. Large shapes of color are balanced with these thin, mathematical components, exposed amongst the layers. The linear elements reinforce the flatness of the surface, while also creating illusions of prisms and oblongs in space.

Tibbetts works, which range from ten inches to almost ten feet, are created with expanses of muted colors built up by limited palettes. Black and white often dominate the entire surface, with touches of reds, pinks, blues, and purples. The areas of color may seem singular, but the compounding of decisions builds milky films of fluctuating color and opacity.

Recto/ Verso includes Tibbetts’ drawings and works on paper that reveal more directly the architectural line work and unlikely prisms layered in the paintings. They provide a key to the mysterious schematics revealed between and on top of the stratum of built up color, while still not giving away the structures they map. Pencil, ink, and acrylic are worked into plastic and paper with a combination of precision and chance.

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