Queer & Now


The Public Theater

Queer & Now @ The Delacorte Theater
Monday, June 17 at 8pm (Estimated Running Time: 90 minutes with no intermission)

Public Forum

This June, with the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and World Pride in New York City, Public Forum adds our voice to the chorus of LGBTQ+ artists, activists, and organizers fighting for a better tomorrow, today. Join us in a celebration of music, poetry, prose, and theater hosted by Jomama Jonesas Public Forum: QUEER & NOW honors the legacy of resistance and the ongoing fight for LGBTQ+ liberation and pride.

The Public Theater’s PUBLIC FORUM is a space where art, ideas, and action collide. Public Forum creates exciting opportunities for communities to engage deeply with current events, original thinkers, and the most pressing questions of our time. We energize civic responsibility by inviting people from all backgrounds to share, converse, and connect.

Public Forum: QUEER & NOW is an Official WorldPride Event.

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