Live from Berlin: Club 57’s Performance, Art, Community, and Magic on the Lower East Side



Location: Virtual

Date: July 28th, 2pm

Club 57 was known for supporting all disciplines in the arts with a do-it-yourself, spontaneous spirit. Club 57 was located in the basement of a Polish Church at 57 St. Marks Place from 1978 to 1983. What began as a no-budget venue for music and film exhibitions quickly took its place in a constellation of countercultural venues in the neighborhood experimenting with new modes of art, performance, fashion, music, and exhibition. Susan Hannaford, one of the Club’s co-organizers and director of The Club 57 Artists Fund, will join us from Berlin for a special illustrated talk. The Club 57 Artists Fund carries forth the legacy of the Club’s founder and creator, Stanley Strychacki’s passion for supporting unknown artists, while also preserving the legacy and archives of the original club.

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