Happy 100th Patricia Highsmith: Villager, Novelist, Wild One



Location: Online

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2021, at 6:00 PM EST. 

With award-winning biographer Joan Schenkar

Join us for a special conversation in honor of the 100th birthday of novelist and Villager Patricia Highsmith. Greenwich Village, where Highsmith spent her formative years as a writer, played a crucial role in the development of her peerless writings. Biographer, friend and fellow Villager Joan Schenkar will share her knowledge of Highsmith and perhaps tell us a bit about the forthcoming Highsmith diaries. Join us as we travel the twisting, turning streets of Greenwich Village, and explore its role as creative inspirations for Highsmith’s writing. 

The writer Joan Schenkar has been called “America’s most original contemporary playwright.” She is the author of the acclaimed Truly Wilde, a biography of Oscar’s niece Dolly Wilde. Her The Talented Miss Highsmith has been recognized as the “definitive” Highsmith biography, a New York Times Notable Book, and Lambda Literary Award winner. She lives and writes in Greenwich Village and Paris.

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