Textile Arts Center

April's Artist-in-Residence at the Textile Arts Center on West8th Street is David B. Smith who has been developing an organic language to transform digital images into oddly cozy sculptures and wall-works reminiscent of alien bio-technological structures.

Originally a photographer and self-taught in textiles, David digitally weaves emotionally resonant images into fabric and physically alters them using a system of craft and art techniques such as cutting, folding, stuffing, embroidering, collaging, and painting. Like DNA or computer code, David's language of breaking down and reconstructing images has evolved to create nuanced structures that resemble living beings, which are at once familiar and strange. David constructs social spaces for viewers to interact with these beings and each other in an unfamiliar world - places for imagination and communication about difference, diversity, and possible futures.

David's work in progress, Mirror, will feature the neighborhood and community surrounding the Textile Arts Center's Manhattan studio as its subject matter - the works he creates, and helps to facilitate, will reflect experiences he shares with community members. Each studio day will begin with a meditative walk around the neighborhood where he will follow his curiosity and intuition: making notes, photographs and asking questions to people he meets - eventually incorporating this information into his work through jacquard weavings, textile collage, soft sculpture or other improvised forms.  He will also host weekly embroidery / communal art making workshops, folding this creativity and production into an organically growing installation in his studio alongside his own works to challenge the myth of the autonomous artist.


You can visit David's installation for Work In Progress from April 1-30, at TAC Manhattan studio, and learn more about her work and process during Artist Open Hours, on Saturdays 2-5PM.

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