Creativity Cubed


Astor Place

Village Alliance & Project for Public Spaces present Creativity Cubed 

July 12, 1pm – 6pm 

Creativity Cubed returns to Astor Place, collaborating for the first time with the Project for Public Spaces, to create a free participatory arts and educational intervention for children and adults, themed on neighborhood, placemaking and public spaces. 

Meet and learn from urban planning and placemaking experts from the Project for Public Spaces, to discover how these disciplines can create thriving communities and successful urban centers. Adults and children can put their ideas into practice at “We Built This City”, constructing a city using a wide variety of art materials and mediums. For example, transform card stock into three-dimensional buildings and add architectural details with collage. Create bike lanes, roads, sidewalks and parks with colored tape and then add transportation with card and wood pieces. Experts will be looking out for the most artistic and well-designed city!  

At “Construction Paintings”, younger visitors will create a large collaborative painting using construction tools and toys. Help dump paint with a toy dump truck, and then shovel it with shovels; spread it around with toy trucks and more! This is truly any child's dream come true: making art with construction toys as the primary tools.  

The Project for Public Spaces (PPS), headquartered at Astor Place, will share their global experience and knowledge with visitors, helping them learn and consider what makes a successful place. Learn how to see New York City in a new way with the PPS Place Game exercises, where you will be walking around the Astor Place neighborhood, observing, listening, analyzing and trying your hand at placemaking and urban planning by suggesting ideas for change. Then, head home and try it in your own neighborhood!  

Creativity Cubed is a free and public event suitable for all ages, collaborative art activities are provided by the Scribble Art Workshop.