Connect the Dots for Stakeholder Engagement - with Marisa Denker


Project For Public Spaces

Join Marisa Denker of Connect the Dots, a firm based in Dublin and now Philadelphia that specializes in stakeholder engagement. Marisa will share learnings from across the pond in Ireland and focus on insight-driven approaches to stakeholder engagement and consultation. We will then have an open discussion around challenges we're encountering in the engagement space and look towards strategies to solve them.

Marisa co-founded Connect the Dots in Ireland and is now bringing it to the United States. Connect the Dots emerged during Marisa's Fulbright year in Ireland as part of her Masters in Design Practice, with co-founder Naomi Murphy. Connect the Dots is a design-led firm based in Dublin and now, Philadelphia, that specializes in stakeholder engagement for impact. They have developed a data-driven methodology to co-create consultation processes with stakeholders and enable robust community engagement - while simultaneously managing risk and expectations. They work with the private sector such as IBX and BASF on stakeholder and employee engagement, as well as public sector such as city councils, national government and and community development organizations to enable inclusive, insight-driven decision making and more resilient output, supported by stakeholders. Projects have resulted in new policies, updated programming for shared space in offices, robust RFPs, design briefs for public spaces, new strategies and action plans - all strengthened by stakeholder input and authentic engagement.