Coffeehouse Chronicles Revisited: Ellen Stewart



Location: Online 

Date: January 16, 2021, 3:00 PM EST 

Coffeehouse Chronicles Revisited will stream Coffeehouse Chronicles #155 that celebrated Ellen Stewart's 100th birthday the way MaMa loved it with music, dance and puppets. This event was originally streamed on November 2, 2019 in the Ellen Stewart Theatre in the East Village.

The celebration features recorded personal memories from artists all over the world. Great Jones Repertory Company remounts scenes from Ellen's shows including Mythos Oedipus, AntigoneHercules and Asclepius. Rod Rodgers Dance Company performs scenes from The Cotton Club with a live band. Puppeteers Jane Catherine Shaw and Vit Horejs  perform two live scenes based on the Pushcart story and Ellen's early days. Two animated films are shown by Tom Lee and Naama Zarfaty with documentary excerpts of Ellen's last show by Marybeth Ward.

The Great Jones Repertory will perform a scene from Mythos Oedipus
and few songs from Perseus, Asclepius and Antigone
all directed by Ellen Stewart

Great Jones Musicians:
Michael Sirotta, Yukio Tsuji, Heather Paauwe, Bill Ruyle

Great Jones Performers:
Maureen Fleming, George Drance, Valois Mickens, Onni Johnson, Shigeko Suga, Allison Hiroto, Sara Galassini, Zishan Ugurlu,
Cary Gant, Rafael Alfonso, Eugene de Poogene, Federico Restrepo, Stephan Kolbert, Maria Elena Anaya

Rod Rodgers Dance Company Performers:
Cécilia Daninthe, Jendaya Dash, Jamia Nicole Jordan, Nami Kagami, Lauren Sion & vocals by Jamal Green
Ellen Stewart's original “Satin Doll” choreography re-staged and mounted by Kim Grier-Martinez 

The Band performing Satin Doll:
Richard Cohen, Harry Mann, Ohad Kapuya

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