Anti-Racism in Thesis Workshop



Location: Virtual 

Date: Saturday, February 27; 10 AM to 4 PM

This workshop will be conducted through Zoom. Zoom account registration is required, please register in advance here.

As part of an ongoing effort at the Cooper Union’s school of architecture to decolonize the curriculum and advance anti-racist pedagogies, this workshop seeks to extend this work specifically to Thesis courses in architecture. How does decolonial and anti-racist pedagogy translate onto the Thesis syllabus, formats of conversation, and advising models? Considering the architecture design Thesis as a world-making exercise, how can the course advance an approach for “a world in which many worlds fit,” recognizing and working against the discipline’s biases and maintenance of white supremacy and other constructed hierarchies of peoples, cultures, and histories? Understanding that “every community practices the design of itself,” (Escobar, 2017), what might be some guiding principles for the architecture design Thesis curriculum to advance work that rethinks the communal and dismantles white supremacist and other racist or patriarchal power dynamics, not just through speculative design work, but also in the studio and other learning environments.

This event gathers student organizers and educators from around the country and the world to share insight, strategy, and experiences. From within the school of architecture, participants will include staff, faculty, and students, including the newly established Architecture Lobby and NOMAS chapters at the Cooper Union’s school of architecture, past and current graduate and undergraduate Thesis students and faculty, and members of the curriculum committee and Anti-Racist Taskforce for Cooper Union’s School of Architecture. 

This event is organized by Assistant Professor Nora Akawi and the students in the Master of Science in Architecture program.

This event has been made possible by generous support from The Cooper Union Grant Program. This event is free and accessible to the public.