2018 DANCE NOW Joe’s Pub Festival and Encore – 23rd Annual Season


Joe's Pub

The annual DANCE NOW Festival offers a unique challenge for artists: to create a clear and complete artistic statement in five minutes or less for the specifics of the stage at Joe’s Pub. Each year, the festival producers select ten artists whose work best meets the festival challenge to participate in an encore performance. The overall challenge winner receives a $1,500 development stipend and a weeklong creative residency at DANCE NOW Silo on Kirkland Farm in Bucks County, PA.


For 23 years DANCE NOW has bent the rules to offer all-inclusive destination events that reveal the bustling energy and innovation of New York City dance makers. DANCE NOW’s programming at Joe’s Pub has defied the standard and encouraged artists to think outside the box and utilize the unique space, creating an inspiring new platform for dance.

Shows are on September 5, 6, 7, 8,  and 27th. 

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